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Spraying Brown, Wood Effect UPVC Windows and Doors

Our client approached us with the desire to modernise the front exterior of their home. The outdated brown, wood-effect UPVC windows and front door, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, no longer aligned with contemporary aesthetics, rendering the property somewhat dated.

Tasked with a comprehensive transformation of houses with anthracite grey windows, we undertook the challenge of revamping the entire facade. Our solution involved expertly spraying the brown UPVC windows, door, guttering, and soffits in a sleek Anthracite grey shade. The outcome exceeded expectations, delivering a stylish, up-to-date look that perfectly complemented the property. The homeowners were delighted with the transformation, as their home now boasts a modernised and refreshed appearance.

spraying wood effect upvc windows

spraying brown upvc windows grey

What are the benefits of Spraying Brown, Wood Effect UPVC Windows and Doors?

Spraying houses with anthracite grey windows, brown, wood-effect UPVC windows, and doors with a new colour, such as Anthracite grey, can offer several benefits:

Aesthetic Enhancement: The primary benefit is the visual transformation of the property. Changing the colour of brown, wood-effect UPVC to a modern shade like Anthracite grey can instantly update the appearance, giving it a contemporary and stylish look.

Modernization: Brown, wood-effect UPVC windows and doors may be associated with older design trends. Spraying them in a more modern colour helps bring the property into the current design aesthetic, enhancing its overall modern appeal.

Increased Property Value: Improving the aesthetic appeal of your home can contribute to an increase in property value. Potential buyers often find a well-maintained and modernized exterior more attractive.

Cost-Effective Alternative: Instead of completely replacing windows and doors, spraying offers a cost-effective alternative. It allows you to achieve a significant visual upgrade without the expense of installing new fixtures.

Customization Options: Spraying provides a wide range of colour options, allowing homeowners to choose a shade that suits their preferences and complements the overall design of the property.

Extended Lifespan: The process of spraying can also contribute to the preservation of the UPVC material, potentially extending its lifespan by protecting it from environmental factors such as UV rays and weathering.

Quick and Efficient: Spraying is generally a quicker process compared to the replacement of windows and doors. This means less disruption to the homeowner, and the transformation can be achieved in a relatively short period.

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